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The Impact of Social Media on Language - 1239 Words

I have chosen this topic to write about because of several reasons, I am a teenager who does occasionally use social media and utilize things like acronyms and emoticons. The next reason why I would like to write this is because, I personally have had people look down on me because of this and I have a personal interest in this subject as well. The reason why I have chosen this is because it is easy to say that social media has had a negative effect on language; therefore, I would like to create an essay that provides both sides of the argument as well as the evidence that the claims are based on. Before going any further, we must understand what is meant by social media. The definition of social media is websites or applications that are†¦show more content†¦On the other hand, some others believe that since writing has become more concise, it has affected the way younger people speak in our everyday lives and speech [17], and as stated before, can cause the languages expres sive power to be lost. Along with language becoming more concise and the literacy levels of younger people possibly decreasing, students and teenagers have now become accustomed to typing and writing very quickly [21]. This is due to how social media has caused a rise in the need of fast information [22] and therefore young people do not check or proof read their posts or work [23] as thoroughly as it would have been done before, resulting in a higher risk of grammatical errors [24]. While this is generally forgiven on social media websites, it poses a higher threat in schoolwork. If this issue of writing too quickly is transferred to school life, then there will be serious throwbacks, such as higher amounts of spelling mistakes in school work which, overtime, may even result in a decreased overall grade for students which can be avoided if the work is proof read before submitting it. On the other hand, is a change in language use really that bad? The way we use punctuation in writing now has become more like the way we speak in our daily lives [7]. In fact, not all of the ‘skills’ being used nowadays by young people have been created by them. Many people believe that teenagers have created acronyms for their own purposes. However, acronyms have been inShow MoreRelatedSocial Networks Or Virtual Communities?1181 Words   |  5 PagesSocial Networks or Virtual Communities? Unlike film, social media is built on interaction. So, how can we describe the digital environment in relation to multiculturalism? When asked about virtual culture, Stephanie was unclear as to what it entailed (S. Jean, personal communication, April 5, 2017). Scholars suggest the digital sphere may create a â€Å"third culture,† incorporating traits of culturally diverse users (McEwan Sobrà ©-Denton, 2011, p. 253). This amalgamation reduces barriers to communicationRead MoreThe Brand Awareness Of Multinational Companies And Social Media Essay1741 Words   |  7 Pages2.4. The brand awareness of multinational firms and social media According to the content above, it is clearly to see brand awareness is the most important goal for multinational firms, Tomi Jokinen has undertaken a study about brand awareness on social media in 2016. Jokinen (2016) stated that brand awareness is a very important in brand equity, and increasing brand awareness is usually one of the most important goals of branding. â€Å"Brand recognition refers to the consumer’s ability to recognizeRead MoreHow Social Media And Technology Is Changing The Way We Speak Essay1374 Words   |  6 PagesHow social media and technology is changing the way we speak and write. Language is important, it impacts the daily lives of people of any race or culture. Language help us communicate and express our feelings. We communicate with our words and gestures that interact with our everyday lives. Without language there would be no type of way we would be able to communicate with one another. Society would have a lack of understanding and communication. The use of language affect the way we speak, theRead MoreThe Effect of Social Media on the English Language1237 Words   |  5 PagesEffect of Social Media on the English Language 1 of 8 Table Of Content: Abstract 3 Introduction 3 Literature review 3 Significance of Research 4 Research Question 4 Methodology 4 Ethical Considerations 4 Limitations of the study 4 Expected results 5 Conclusion 5 References 6 Appendix 7 2 of 8 Abstract: Giving the popularity of social networking sites lately, it has made an effect on the English language either inRead MorePerception of Women in the Media1006 Words   |  5 Pages Language is a system of communication which consists of a set of sounds and written symbols which are used by the people of a particular country or region for talking or writing. It is considered as an art because when used it able to help a person develop or create a certain picture in the mind. Language being an artifact of culture means that it is an interesting thing that is created by the people. It is an aspect of their way of life of the people. It also helps in development of theRead MoreSocial Networking in Indonesia1154 Words   |  5 Pages10 individuals (of my nation - Indonesia) consider social networking to be unhelpful to culture and, to an extent, the bane of its existence. This may be due to the commonly-considered conception of digitalWith the usage of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter seeing an escalation in the last decade, the idea that human contac t between individuals is diminishing may not be as farfetched as once was. Indeed, before the rise in social networking, telephones and human rendezvous saw moreRead MoreSocial Media And Its Impacts On Communication1446 Words   |  6 PagesSocial Media, and its Impacts on Communication and Interaction in our Society Introduction The introduction and the spread of the Internet have revolutionized the way individuals communicate and interact with each other. According to Van and Thomas, propagation of this medium of interaction or communication makes it unimaginable to remember that only a few decades back when people had to wait for days, weeks or even months to receive letters from their friends, relatives, or various agencies (3)Read MoreNegative Effects Of Social Media1716 Words   |  7 PagesTwitter, Instagram, and many other social media sites, these changed the way that we communicate with one another. Social platforms allow people to share events of their own lives, through posting photos, leaving comments, updating their status, and many others. For example, â€Å"As of today, there are a little over 322 million people that live in the United States, 64% of whom own a smartphone. This means that approximately 206 million people have access to social media, anywhere at any time. FurthermoreRead More Essay on Pros and Cons of Social Media875 Words   |  4 PagesThe more social media we have, the more we think were connecting, yet we’re really disconnecting from each other. Communication is a crucial part of the human life when it comes to interacting and progressing our society. Ever since the beginning of as much as we can remember, we’ve communicated in many forms such as body language, sign language and written language. Nowadays, we’ve taken socializing to a whole new level. We’ve constructed a form of typed language with the given name, social networkingRead MoreTeaching And Learning Of A Second Language1267 Words   |  6 Pages For many years, the teaching and learning of a second language has been the norm in schools throughout Europe and the United States. Teachers approached language instruction in a variety of ways like the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) method, where students are taught fluency through conversation, or the Lexica l Approach in which learners are able to understand and speak in large quantities of specific vocabulary and idioms (Richards and Rodgers 83-229). However, as the world progressed technologically

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